search press releases search entire web site umhs home | about umhs | health topics a-z | for patients & families | for health professionals   january 2, 2007 a university of michigan health minute update on important health issues. 7 things to know about preventing, treating winter laryngitis viral laryngitis occurs most often in winter; usually can be resolved without lasting damage, u-m health system voice expert says ann arbor, mi – with most cases of viral laryngitis occurring during the winter cold and flu season, a vocal health expert at the university of michigan health system is offering tips for preventing and treating the inflammation of the voice box. cheap viagra online Video  watch related video clip. cheap viagra fast shipping overnight For faster downloading, choose the lo-res option. (windows media player required) “the type of voice change that can accompany the common cold and upper respiratory infection is something that is quite common, and i’m sure most everyone has experienced it at some point in their life,” says norman d. viagra samples for professionals Hogikyan, m. buy cheap viagra D. , f. common ingredients viagra A. C. S. , director of the u-m health system’s vocal health center and associate professor of otolaryngology and music. Hogikyan notes that viral laryngitis is contagious and passes the same way as common colds and flu bugs. He suggests ways to avoid getting laryngitis in the first place, ways to treat it and not to aggravate it further, and offers suggestions for caring for your voice even when it’s healthy. 7 things to know about laryngitis viral laryngitis is contagious – as contagious, in fact, as a typical upper respiratory infection, hogikyan says. “avoiding getting viral laryngitis is really accomplished through the same ways you avoid getting a cold or a bug, and that means things like hand washing and avoiding direct contact with somebody who already has a cold or respiratory infection. ” causes of other types of laryngitis include acid reflux, which can cause an inflammation in the vocal cords; bacterial infections; fungal or yeast infections; smoking; chemical irritants; and even excessively loud or prolonged use of the voice. Symptoms of a viral infection with laryngitis can include hoarseness, swollen glands in the neck and sometimes fever. Treatment for viral laryngitis focuses on limiting the amount of injury caused to the voice, hogikyan notes. “we can’t necessarily affect the viral infection itself, but we can try to limit the amount of irritation that it will cause to the voice, or, even more importantly, we can limit further injury that might occur by pushing the voice at a time when it’s already hoarse,” he says. The best advice, he says, is to rest your voice during this time. can you buy viagra shops Another important aspect of treatment is hydration. Drink a lot of water and non-caffeinated beverages, hogikyan says, because “moist is always good for the voice. ” a humi. buy generic viagra online viagra pills Muestra de pintura artística


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